3D Virtual Model of Injury

skull33D Printed Proof is offering a new service to add value to pre-litigation claims. Our goal is to provide a service that is affordable and will help relay the gravity of an injury to a claims adjusters dealing with bodily injury. For such a service to work, it has to be impactful and affordable to allow your firm to add value while not creating a cost that would be prohibitive.

Our 3D virtual models are priced at $179.00 per model. We can create the 3D virtual model from MRI and CT scan data. Once the 3D Virtual Model is created we then take multiple screen shots and label the injuries per your radiology report. If a new injuries become evident (this often happens as result of creating a 3D model), then we will inform your office so that it can be relayed to your radiologist for further evaluation. We then send the labeled 3D screen shots to assist your office with the bodily injury demand.

Our studies have concluded that these 3D Virtual Models can help increase an offer threefold. Indeed, these 3D virtual models inform the claims adjuster that your office is serious about the particular claims being presented.  The advantage of these 3D virtual models is that they are easy to deliver to a claims adjuster for evaluation. The screenshots provided can be easily printed and added to a demand package. There is no need to send a CD or thumb drive. Our 3D virtual model is particularly helpful when it comes to herniated discs and bulges.

We are able to make models that accentuate the gravity of an injury. An added advantage of virtual models is that they preserve evidence and later could be used to make an actual physical 3D model of your client’s injury if needed.

3D printed proof is here to help with your clients bodily injury claims and demands by providing extremely impactful 3D virtual models. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services.