Case Studies

Personal Injury:

3D printed models have been used in Personal Injury cases with great success.  Our 3D printed models are produced by Medical Doctors using sophisticated software. We produce multiple models in order to show a single injury in different dimensions. We have also produced models that have different textures, colors, and degree of transparency to facilitate understanding of injury.

Medical malpractice:

By taking the hospital’s MRI and building a 3D printed replica of an injury, lawyers and jurors alike can point and touch affected areas and have a life sized model to work with. The less imagination you require, the more powerful the evidence can be.

Car Accidents:

3D printed exhibits of injuries have been used in Court Rooms to show damages sustained by Plaintiffs. Injuries can be represented with multiple models of different sizes and qualities. Our Medical Doctors will work along with your experts to produce exhibits that accurately represent the injuries sustained by the injured party.