Types of 3D Printing

Types of 3D Printing

There are multiple types of 3D printing technologies:

1) Stereolithography
This technique uses a UV laser light which focus on phot- reactive resin working in an additive manner to create a solid object.

2) Fused Deposition Modeling
This method uses a filament or plastic which is deposited one layer on top of the other to form 3D object.

3) Selective Laser Sintering
Is similar to stereolithography but it allows for the use of powdered material. Some of the materials that could be used here are nylon, glass, ceramics, steel, silver, and aluminum.

4) Selective laser melting
Selective laser melting is similar to selective laser sintering, but the difference is that the powder is melted together, instead just combining the powder granules.

5) Electronic Beam Melting
Here electronic beams are used instead of UV rays.

6) Laminated Object Manufacturing
In this type of printing plastic, paper, or metal is glued together. After gluing, the material is cut by a laser or knife to create a shape.