3D Printed Evidence of Pelvic Region

3D Printed Pelvis 3D printed evidence of pelvic region. This is based on actual MRI images which were then converted into an STL file. The STL file was then read by a 3D printer which produced this extremely accurate representation of an individuals anatomy. In other words, this is like a still of an MRI or CT-scan, but represented in physical form. It helps physicians, experts, and layman alike better understand the anatomy in question.

It is important to note that these models are based on tried and true data gathered from accepted methods like an MRI. Indeed, 3D printed evidence of injuries is as close as you can get to the real thing.

3D Printed Medical Models Our goal is to produce the most accurate models possible. We have medical doctors who can take your MRI’s, CT-scans, or other data and produce 3D printed evidence or exhibits. Our medical doctors and staff can communicate with your experts to produce the models that you need for your case or matter.

We are here to assist with your 3D printed evidence needs. Visit us at 3DPrintedProof.com.