3D Medical Evidence Consulting Services

printedskullApart from producing sophisticated 3D medical models for demonstrative or substantive use during litigation or trial, our services include comprehensive consulting services. Our medical doctors will work with your office or expert to determine the most effective way to present a model at trial. Each case is different and thus a tailored approach may be needed. We have medical doctors who specialize in the creation of 3D printed medical evidence to facilitate the presentation of your models. Our medical doctors can communicate both with your office and medical experts to create the necessary 3D printed models or evidence. This communication may be necessary to determine what kind of 3D printed medical model is most adequate for your case.

There are multiple techniques that are used to produce 3D printed medical models for trial purposes. For example, there are multiple types of 3D printing:

1) Stereolithography
This technique uses a UV laser light which focus on photo-reactive resin working in an additive manner to create a solid object.

2) Fused Deposition Modeling
This method uses a filament or plastic which is deposited one layer on top of the other to form 3D object.

3) Selective Laser Sintering
Is similar to stereolithography but it allows for the use of powdered material. Some of the materials that could be used here are nylon, glass, ceramics, steel, silver, and aluminum.

4) Selective laser melting
Selective laser melting is similar to selective laser sintering, but the difference is that the powder is melted together, instead just combining the powder granules.

5) Electronic Beam Melting
Here electronic beams are used instead of UV rays.

6) Laminated Object Manufacturing
In this type of printing plastic, paper, or metal is glued together. After gluing, the material is cut by a laser or knife to create a shape.

A medical doctor with expertise in 3D printing of medical models for trials or litigation can help your office determine which of the above methods is best suited for your matter. The medical doctor 3D printing consultant will then choose the most and efficient 3D printer to use for your needs. Further, our consultants will be able to give guidance as to how to best configure the print. Our consultants may even advise that multiple models may be needed for your particular matter. For example, it may be suitable to have different size prints for a certain injury. In some cases where there are multiple injuries it may be necessary to have 3D medical prints of each of the injuries. It also may be necessary to scan and print external trauma to correlate to the internal injury presented. This may also serve to preserve the initial acuteness of the external injury.

Another important issue is whether the 3D printed medical models should be presented in color. This is matter that should be explored with the consultant to determine the most effective approach. A model may also require that certain parts be movable or spliced or dissected in a certain manner to best communicate the extent of the injury.

We are here to serve all your needs as it pertains to 3D medical models for use at trial.

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