shutterstock_2000366723D printed models are extremely accurate and are easy to understand. Think about that the next time you are showing complicated diagrams and drawings to make your case.

Personal Injury and Auto Accidents 3D Printed Evidence.

We assist you in producing 3d printed evidence that is extremely accurate and easy to understand.

We can produce 3d printed evidence based on MRI, CT-scan, X-rays, and other forms of data, which creates accurate physical representation of the injury in question.

Medical Malpractice

Creating 3d printed evidence will help represent injuries sustained as a result of medical malpractice.

Our staff of MD’s will work along with you and your experts, and provide consulting to create the 3d Printed evidence you need.

Criminal Cases

Our 3D printed evidence can be used by both the State and Defense to represent actual environments and injuries related to a case. We will assist in creating the 3D printed models most suited to your case.

Consultants can help determine what scale and materials are best suited to represent the damages in question. Choosing the right materials, color, size, and focus can be complicated in all cases.

Our MD’s will guide you through the process on the medical front and our staff of consultants will be available to help you present the best evidence possible.

3D injury documentation

Whether a matter is being currently litigated or not, it is beneficial to document injuries in 3D format early on. A client could be prejudiced if an injury could become apparent by this means and is not detected. Therefore, it is recommendable use 3D printing technology to document your client’s injury early on.

This service will allow your office to fully document the state of an injury early in the claims or litigation process. By sending the corresponding data we can preserve 3D injury documentation which your office can turn into a 3D exhibit or evidence if needed.


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