The Value of 3D Printed Exhibits and Evidence in the Legal and Medical Field

spinegif 3D printed exhibits of injuries have the potential to be impactful beyond the use of Courtroom or legal purposes. Using this technology can be both beneficial to your client’s case and health. On multiple occasions, 3D printed exhibits/evidence allowed Medical Doctors to diagnose and detect injuries previously undetected MRIs, CT-Scan, X-rays, and other means.  This tends to occur because the 3D exhibit/Model tends to provide a complete and simplified perspective of the anatomy which has been impacted by trauma. Issues that may be easily overlooked become more detectable by this means.

Whether a matter is being currently litigated or not, it is beneficial to document injuries in 3D format early on. A client could be prejudiced if an injury could become apparent by this means and is not detected. Therefore, it is recommendable use 3D printing technology to document your client’s injury early on.

We are now offering a service called 3D injury Documentation. This service will allow your office to fully document the state of an injury early in the claims or litigation process. By sending the corresponding data we can preserve 3D injury documentation which your office can turn into a 3D exhibit or evidence if needed.

Our medical doctors will assist in producing the necessary 3D injury documentation. This 3D injury documentation can be forwarded to your experts and physicians for further evaluation.

3D Printed Proof is here to assist with your 3D medical exhibit and evidence needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.