3D Printed Exhibits or Evidence for Injuries Related to Auto Accidents

MRI’s, CT scans, and x-rays are difficult images for layman and even medical doctors to grasp. These are two-dimensional representations of a 3d reality. That’s why 3d printed exhibits and evidence related to injuries sustained in a car accident can be paramount to winning your case.
Practitioners or attorneys always ask how reliable 3d printed exhibits of injuries are. 3d printed representations of injuries are as true to reality as one can get. This is because these models are translated from the original source (MRI, CT scan, x-ray, etc.) using specialized software that converts these images into files that can be read by a 3d printer. The 3d printed representations are so reliable that they have been used by specialist to actually plan surgeries.

Therefore, if it can be use at this level, then there is little doubt that 3d printed exhibits of injuries can be used at the very least as demonstrative evidence. The National Institute of Health has written extensively on the use of 3d modeling for use in surgical preparation and even during surgery. (See http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4189697/) Our office will provide you with medical literature evidencing this use, if needed.

Our company has the added advantage that we work with Medical Doctors who also know how to use the necessary software to produce the needed 3dexhibits. Further, our Medical Doctors will work along with your experts to make all the necessary 3d printed exhibits you may need. We also provide consulting services that will assist you with matters of presentation. We can advise what sort of 3d printing mechanism best suits your case. We can also advise on what material, colors, and how many and what size 3d printed exhibits of personal injuries may best fit your needs.

Unlike other companies in the industry, this company is managed by attorneys and medical doctors who are best suited to understand your needs. All our professionals are literate in the technical, medical, and legal fields. This is to facilitate communication and achieve the best end result. Our goal is to produce 3d exhibits that can represent a candid and understandable impression of an injury resulting from accident. There is no doubt that something tangible (like a 3d exhibit of an injury) has the ability to facilitate understanding. Our services will allow you to present an injury to Court honestly, innovatively, and persuasively.

We can assist to make 3d exhibits or evidence of fractures, herniated discs, disc bulges, and other injuries related to auto accidents and other trauma. Further, we can also scan the external trauma and preserve for future use. Thus, if your client suffered severe external trauma, then one of our technicians can go out and meet your client to scan the injuries. These can be presented in a virtual format and can also be printed out for use as exhibits or evidence. This way the Court and Jury will have a true understanding of the acuteness of external trauma soon after an injury occurs.

We provide comprehensive services for your needs pertaining to 3d prints of injuries related to accidents. We can be reached at http://3dprintedproof.com/

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