3D Printed Proof/Evidence of Lumbar Compression Fracture

cervicalcompression1 cervicalcompression2 cervicalcompression3 cervicalcompression4

Above are examples of 3D printed compression fractures. Compressions fractures often result from car accidents, falls or tripping, and sports accidents. These samples were produced from MRI images and converted into data readable by a 3D printer.

3D printed images of injuries provide a new perspective for attorneys, doctors, experts, judges, and jurors involved in cases pertaining to trauma based injuries. Even medical doctors have been amazed by the clarity of our 3d printed exhibits. Before 3D printing came along doctors and experts could only view these sorts of injuries either through direct observation, MRI, CT-scan, or sonogram.  However, none of those methods provide the clarity of exhibits like the one shown in the pictures above. Medical Doctors are continually amazed by the clarity these exhibits provide. Many physicians are using these exhibits to plan surgeries and treatments. Indeed, these exhibits are changing the way medicine is practiced. No doubt, these exhibits will soon revolutionize how injuries are presented in court rooms.

Our goal is to make this technology accessible to attorneys and experts and help get their point across in an impactful and direct manner. Do not hesitate to contact us.



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