3D Printed Exhibit of Tibial Plateau Fracture

Tibia Fracture

Above is a sample of 3D printed tibial plateau fracture.  The sample above clearly demarks the fracture and facilitates understanding of the injury in question. This particular print took about six (6) hours and was made with ABS material. ABS is a common material used by 3D printers. Of course, the quality of ABS material varies greatly. Indeed, higher quality material will produce high quality prints.  At 3D printed proof we provide the best 3D printed exhibits by using the best materials available.

We are here to assist both attorneys and experts acquire the best 3D printed medical exhibits in the market. We can achieve this, because the STL files used by our 3D printers are actually made by our in-house Medical Doctors. This makes it easier to get the print that you desire to make your point. An M.D. will understand what particular area the expert or attorney wants to focus on. This becomes very important when dealing with complex cases.

Please contact us for your 3D printed medical exhibit/evidence needs. Our Medical Doctors and 3D technicians are here to assist you.


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